Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Poggles!

 One year ago, on June 14th, Poggles and his siblings were born!  After that, he ate a lot, slept a lot, made a fuss over everything, and got fed numerous worms, fruits, cat kibbles, and other delicious foods.

Now he is a fat, funny hedgehog who likes to eat, sleep, make a fuss over everything... (Yep, he's the same!) and I still love him to bits despite all his grumpy behaviour.
Happy Birthday, Poggy!!!  May you have many more!

(Note:  He had a pile of worms in front of him, but he gobbled them up before I could get the camera ready. Arrggh! Or is that a good thing for you?  Cuz HE'S certainly happy!)

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