Friday, July 27, 2012

Poggle's New Tube

We bought Poggles a 4.5 inch curved PVC tube.  At first, it was hard to convince him it was a good idea.

 He went into the tube, but he didn't get it.
He just sat there and looked around.

He even gave me his miserable face!
But then he discovered that it was fun to turn around in it.
He could go out one side.
 And then come back on the other side.
 He even ventured out of the tube and slid down the side of the quilt.  That was fun too, so he made a couple trips up and down his "slide".
 Then he would go back to the tube and turn around in it, round and round.  Funny boy.
Finally, he found some clothes to burrow under, made himself a nest, and settled down for a good, long nap. What a fun day!

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