Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poggy Loves You, Loves You Not

Poggy loves you!
Poggy loves you not!
He's back!  Okay, he must love you.

Since I'm home so much lately, Poggles has had the pleasure of coming out for a daily walk.  I arrange square bags so that he has "hallways" to travel to and from hiding places.  He has a route that goes from the cage behind the bags, along the wall behind a table, behind the couch to behind the TV.  
There, he finds a lamp which he likes to lick and annoint with, lots of cables to climb over and under, and a very noisy sheet of plastic.  He likes to clamber all over that and make a lot of noise.  Yeah, NOISE!  I thought he was a quiet fellow, but apparently that piece of plastic is fun.

Funny little boy  :)

The best part (for him) is probably that I give him two mealworms every time.  He likes those so much that he'll actually come up to me to ask for more after I give them to him (with chopsticks, hee hee!).  When it's time to go home, he sits by the side of the cage and waits.  I veeery carefully scoop him up from underneath and lift him back into his house.  It's not a perfect process yet, but he's getting the hang of it.  

Have a happy day!

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