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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poggy's Special Inside-Out Pouch

I sometimes make festive-themed pouches for Poggles.  Unfortunately, that decreases their usefulness the other days of the year.  By accident, I have discovered a solution to this problem.
Introducing Poggy's Special Inside-Out Pouch!

I used the fleece pouch tutorial here, but I didn't have enough green fleece left to make the whole interior green.  So I joined a piece of green fleece onto an interior piece of blue fleece.  The goal was simply to make the extra rim green coloured and the inside blue, but it had a pleasant side effect.
 On the proper side, it is a festive Christmas-themed pouch!
 If you turn it inside out, it can be used on a regular basis with no guilt of using Christmas-themed things at the wrong time of the year.  Yay!
Plus it looks kind of cool with red on the inside. But will it pass the Poggles 360 degree inspection???
 First, Poggles has to show his displeasure at being disturbed... and at the lack of food involved.  
Then he checks the back...
 ... the side... the inside.. the back again...
 ...under it... from both sides...
I don't know why he is standing like this, but he does it for a while.
After being completely sure that the new pouch is up to his strict standards, Poggles goes inside.  
I think he likes it  :)

Have a great day!


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