Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Hedgehog Plush Toy

After my trial run with the little hedgehog pair, I decided to try again with a slightly bigger version. I want it something that I could scale up easily to make a BIG one.  Here's what I came up with.
 It's a little hedgehog in the "splat" position!
 See his little arms and legs splayed out?
 It must be a hot day!
 This is what it looks like from underneath.  I sewed the arms and legs on securely in this position.  I considered leaving them able to reposition, but this seemed much better.
 He's about palm size.
 Here he is with his little hedgehog friends!
 Ta da!
 They're good buds.
 I am very happy with how this little doll turned out.  He is stuffed with fleece scraps so he is not soft and squishy.  He's actually kind of firm.  His limbs and ears are soft though.
The upside is that he's super cute.  The downside is that he's super hard to make.

Since I probably won't be making more, I made him extra awesome.  I even painted a little blush onto him with real blush powder!

He's my own little special friend.  I hope Poggy won't be jealous  :P

Have a happy day!

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