Friday, January 18, 2013

Bubble Bath With Poggles

It was bath time for Poggles.  As usual, he was reluctant.  Perhaps he had a sixth sense that something untoward was going to happen... like bubbles.
There seemed to be an unusually large accumulation of bubbles this time.
Enough that SOMEONE could pile it up on SOMEONE ELSE'S head.
And when the water drained, the rest of the bubbles stuck to that SOMEONE ELSE'S body... 
... like a sheep.
Poggles was not impressed.  I, on the other hand, thought it was the best bath day ever  :)

Don't worry, he won't have dry skin with all that soaping.  I followed up his soaping with a warm, moisturizing soak and gave his nails a trim to boot.  He's a well pampered hedge-pog.

Have a great day!


Angela said...

Hedgehogs are cute! Thanks for sharing such bubbly, fun pics of your pet. said...

Thanks, Angela! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics :)

kevin grim said...
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