Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gardening Bliss

There are so many yummy things growing in the garden lately!  I love it!
I have eaten so many raspberries!  We started off with one bush and now there are quite a few bushes.  It made friends!  I think we will have even more by next year because I can't seem to eat the berries fast enough.
We have cooked so many different kinds of peas and beans too.
If you don't want to cook them, you can eat them fresh and crisp from the plant.  I have done that a couple times and it is fun to pick snow peas and to eat them immediately  :)
There are strawberries too.  Very little ones with lots of fragrance and flavour.  They are so sweet!  I wish I could grow them bigger, but they are so yummy in their little forms too.
We planted an apple tree and it actually grew some apples this year! 
There are 7 apples on the short, stick-like tree.  Not bad  :) 
For the first time this year, I am trying to grow eggplants.  They actually look pretty amazing!  They have lovely purple flowers and then this dark purple, shiny fruit starts to grow out.
My mom has been fertilizing the flowers with pollen from the other squash plants... apparently that works because we have a lot of eggplants growing!
I think this is a Mo Qua squash.  It's very fuzzy!
Here is a yellow squash I picked today.  I can't wait to find out what it tastes like!
We have a lot of different tomato plants with giant clusters of fruit.  Grape-like tomatoes and then some beefy tomatoes.  There is a small animal that keeps taste-testing the tomatoes.  This is what I found today... tsk tsk! 
I dug up some potatoes today!  It's so fun to dig up potatoes! 
We left the potatoes from last year in the soil and they must have seeded. 
Look at the all the potatoes it grew!  These are just the bigger ones.  I replanted all the little ones.  Maybe I can have a second crop later in the summer!  The original plants are still there too.  They had lots of little tubers still attached so those will probably make more for me later too.

I am having so much fun in the garden.  I hope you are having a good growing season too!

Take care, 

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