Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poggy After a Bath

One of my favourite times to bond with Poggles is after a bath.  He gets dried with his flannel towel and then he gets blow dried with a hair dryer on the low setting.  He likes to dig in the towel, slide his belly on it, and inadvertently dry his underside, yay!  But sometimes he just sits there and chills out.
 He put up his quills a little when I pulled out the camera, but he still looks pretty chill in the photo... and very sweet  :)
 He kinda zoned out for a bit, but peeked up at the camera for a moment.
At this point he's getting curious about the camera.  Lol... he's almost done drying.  I'm waiting for him to go all fluffy first.

Have a great week!

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