Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Better and Cute Visitors

Poggles seems to be getting better now that he is eating the baby food.  
Yesterday he ate probably 5 or more spoons of the baby food in addition to bits of soft croissant.  As a result, pooping is back.  It's almost black, which makes me wary, but I know the dark green would make it blackish too so I am just going to keep an eye on it.  He's also peeing again.

The vet office called yesterday and I gave them an update.  They didn't seem too concerned about the strange foods I have been feeding Poggles, but they said they would let the vet know and he could call me if he was worried.  They were more concerned that he was not really pooping and peeing much, but I think we can say goodbye to those worries today.
Here is Poggles burrowing around his toilet.  I cleaned it yesterday so it's still pretty clean.  Otherwise I would be cringing as he runs his way around the toilet head down like a bulldozer.
He stopped in this corner when I called his name.
He peeked up.
And looked like this.  The little dork. "Pogs, there's something on your face..."
He has eaten very well today, but I gave him some cooked egg yolk mixed with water on top of the baby food anyways.  He really liked it and had about 1 and a half spoons of it.
He also made a big mess of it.
"Do you want a kiss?"
"No, no, Poggy, no kisses!  Aaagh!" 
I think he looks pretty content now.  I saw him yawn yesterday and his tongue was red, but no longer all ugly with patches of dead skin.  I am hoping it is much better.

One new habit that he has developed is that he wants to eat when I am eating.  In particular, he wants to eat what I am eating.  Funny Poggy...
My niece came over today to visit her cousin, Poggles.
 She really likes him. 
Here she is delightedly pointing at him.
She also really likes his toys.

Have a happy day!

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