Saturday, April 26, 2014

Goldfish Babies Day 24

It has been approximately 24 days since the goldfish babies hatched from their eggs.
As you can see, they have changed a lot.  Their bodies are starting to round out more, and you can almost see all of their internal organs enlarging in size since they are still quite see-through.  The picture seems to show the upper body as orange, but it is just the work of a shadow.  
They are mainly a whitish peach/pale grey colour with a bit of pinkish red where the internal organs are.
There are very large discrepancies in the fry sizes despite being born within a day of each other.  Some of the babies look fat and meaty.  Some of the babies look anorexic.
 Here are some photos for you to enjoy.
 They look funny when reflected on the surface of the water.
 The babies with bent/crooked spines have all died off naturally.  This particular baby shown is starting to form a deep dip in the spine.  He is currently lying upside down on the gravel so I think the anomaly is having an effect on his health. 
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