Monday, April 7, 2014

Goldfish Babies Day Six

The baby goldfish are now six days old. 
Almost all of them are swimming about and have good control of staying still and controlling movement in the water.
 As you can see from the photo, food is clearly moving from the stomach to the intestines and out.
 The swim bladder is still visible as a bubble on the fry.
 The baby goldfish have a more rounded body shape now as the body is starting to fill out.  You can also see fins now!  See the little tuft at the end of the tail?
 From a bottom up view, you can see those little fins on the sides.
 In terms of length, the baby fry are now easy to see compared to when they were first born.  I would estimate that they have doubled in length.
 You see that the spine arches a little bit over the stomach area.
 This fish looks okay, but I have noticed at least two babies that have very crooked spines.  They are bent about 45 degrees or more.  One of them is so crooked that he/she swims in a spiral.  The other one is on the gravel and just hops from one area to another instead of swimming.  I think these are the babies that would normally be culled, but I want to wait and see if they can survive.  The one that swims in a spiral looks well-fed, but the one on the floor looks skinny.
I feed the babies some of the green water and a drop of egg yolk swished about twice a day.  When I am home in the day time, I give them a feeding in the afternoon too.  Their bellies look full so I think they are eating enough. 
I hope you are having a great week so far!

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