Friday, April 11, 2014

New Sculptures in Progress - Hedgehog and Bird Wedding Cake Toppers

I am working on some new sculptures.  This time, I'm making wedding cake toppers.
I started with a bunch of foil balls.  You just scrunch up foil and roll it into a ball.  Fun to do  :)  Then I cover them with a layer of Sculpey and start to add the details.
For the two birds, I added a hemisphere for the head.  Blended the sections together, and molded and added two wings.  I can't find my clay tools, so I just used a big hat pin to cut/draw details in like the feathers on the wings and tails.  I used the head of the pin to make the indents for the eyes.
The finished pair is pretty cute.  
Next I made a hedgehog couple in the same way.  The quills are not a separate piece.  I just use the pin to draw the shape of the quills in and then use the pin to push extra clay towards the quills.  Then I smooth it all out and use the pin to drew indents for quills.
The flowers are circles with petals cut in.  Then I add a little circle of clay in the middle. 
 I put them on a tray for baking and off they went into the oven.
Bye bye, Birdies!
About half an hour later, the models are cured.  They are sitting on my desk now waiting to be painted. 

Have a great day!

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