Monday, May 5, 2014

Poggy And The Baby Food

Poggy has been happily eating a mixture of chicken and pea baby food, cooked egg yolk, lizard powdered food (from the vet), and congee.
 At first I had each item on a spoon in his cage so he could pick his favourite, but I soon discovered that I could just mix them all together.  The key is that there has to be a good portion of chicken baby food.  That stuff smells really good!  My dad says it actually smells a bit like spam.  If you know what spam tastes like, well this chicken baby food is equally tasty (but without the super dose of salt).
You can see that Poggy approves of this mixture.
 He happily laps it up.  Due to the depth of the bowl, his front feet end up in his food too.  He tries very hard not to get his feet in, but he inevitably tumbles forward from the bowl ledge and just keeps on eating.  He gets about four teaspoons of food plus water (to make it soup-like) twice per day.  It seems comparable to the tablespoon of kibble he used to eat per day, but I am not sure if this is sufficient for him as he finishes all of the food completely.  Either that or he finds it irresistibly tasty.

Every day, I give him a little bit extra than the day before, but he eats that too.
Here he is escaping to his toilet. 
Once he finds a good spot, he settles down to lick his little hands clean. You can see how his fingers are all wet now.
 He spends a very long time doing this.  I guess he must be cleaning very thoroughly.  Good boy!
 He lacks some skills/ability in cleaning his face though.
 I am very tempted to give him a bath again soon, but I'm holding off for a few more days.  His house, however, got a very good cleaning.  His food-coated feet make his carpeting very messy.
 I cleaned his litter pan today so he has resumed his bulldozing activities.  As you can see, something is caught in his quills now.
 "Poggy?  Um, Poggy... there's something in your quills."
 "I don't see anything in my quills."
 "Where is this something?"
 It is a lot of fun watching him play in the litter and push it around.
 I am still giving him the chlorhexidine mouthwash twice a day.  He isn't drooling like his did before, but he does smack his lips a lot.  His poop is also still almost black.  Poggy has another vet visit due this week so he can get his second antibiotic shot and have a follow-up check up.  Fingers crossed that it will go smoothly.  

Have a happy day!

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