Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Poggy Healing

Since Poggy's last vet visit four days ago, the swelling has gone down significantly.  However, the wound has dried and it looks rather... appalling.  WHERE DID HIS TOES GO?!?
Poggy seems rather calm about this whole thing, but I have no idea what to expect in terms of healing.
It seems like he may end up with some rather unappealing looking toes or maybe missing toes in the end.  Sometimes I get the impression that he lost all the meat on some of his toes and that I am just looking at bones sticking out of his foot.  That worries me a lot.
I have been washing his feet twice a day with a chlorhexidine solution and that seems to have dried out the wound very well.  It seemed like the wound turned dark and stopped swelling overnight.  He must have responded very well to the antibiotic and antiseptic wash.
After his daily foot baths, I have been drying him on paper towels.  They soak up the moisture quickly without any rubbing necessary.
Poggy is rather unenthusiastic about this part of his new daily routine.
Does this look like a pleased expression?

I'm still giving him pain/anti-inflammatory medicine daily, but I notice that he's still guarding the injured leg and semi-dragging his lower body when he moves about the cage.  It's really sad  :(

I hope Poggy heals up soon.

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