Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tea Cup Garden Inspiration

Lately, I've been admiring little tea cups filled with tiny villages...
... houses and mushrooms, a whimsical combination!
Little pinecones are also good  :)
buttons, oh yes
and lots of moss  :)
twisty sheer pink ribbons and some messy moss strands make this rather elegant in a woodsy sort of way
A tiny nest of blue eggs seems to fit right in to this tea cup
Your children's toys can make a cute appearance among easy-to-grow grasses
These wild blooms seem right at home in this moss-nestled tea cup
a pretty idea for table decor
You might as well use the tea pot too
a garden tea party anyone?
quite elegant for Spring bulbs
I could eat the whole plant... these tiny strawberries look so delicious
Moss all by itself is a perfect addition
River rocks add some contrast
Succulents look great in tea cups
this is a really creative way to grow those windowsill herbs... and you might as well use the old spoons as labels...
If you have no flowers, no toadstools, no moss, and no succulents... just use your chubby baby and put him/her in a really big tea cup.  You'll impress your guests every time  :P

Have a great weekend!

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