Saturday, May 2, 2015

Biodegradable Toilet Paper Roll Seedling Planters Tutorial

It's Spring and time to plant seeds!  Here's a nifty idea on how to recycle toilet paper rolls and get free seed planters at the same time.  Best part, it's biodegradable!
You will need:
Toilet paper rolls
First step!  Flatten the toilet paper roll.  You can use the back of a spoon to make the edges well creased for each step.
Step two!  Match up the two first creases in the middle and flatten the roll again.
If you open up the roll, it should now have 4 straight edges like a box.
Note:  If you want shorter boxes, cut the toilet paper roll in half and make two.  You can also control the height of a box this way if you plan to use the whole roll to make one box.
Now take a sharp scissor and snip up all four bottom edges.  Aim to cut it about the length of half the box opening.
Fold all four edges neatly up.
Going in a circle, fold down the flaps one by one.
For the last flap, tuck it under the first flap. 
If it looks like this, your snips were too short.  Or maybe you want that hole on the bottom for better drainage?  I guess that's okay too.
For mine, I liked them nice and closed like this afterwards.  I basically cut the snips too long and just trimmed off a bit off each flap to make a perfect fit.
The two shortest ones are using half rolls, the two taller ones were made from whole rolls.

Now just add soil and seeds and you're ready to grow some new plants!

Happy Gardening!

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