Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fleece Cage Liner Tutorial

Here are instructions for how to sew fleece cage liners.

***Please note that these tutorials are for you to make things for your own personal use, not to sell.***

Tip: use fleece instead of flannel. It will hold its shape better, last longer, wash and wear better, (and it's a lot easier to sew!)


  • Fleece fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins
Measure the cage bottom with a tape measure and add about an inch or half an inch to each side for seam allowance. 

Cut out the fabric and put it into the cage to check if it is about right. Put it down onto your fleece fabric and cut out a matching piece.

Tip: for subsequent cage liners, you can use the first liner you made and add seam allowance.

Put both pieces with the wrong side facing out and sew one long side and one short side. Flip it inside out and check if it still looks like it will sew to the right size when you put it into the cage. If you find that it is too long or too short, then you can sew the other two sides with more or less seam allowance. 

Once you have three sides sewn up (two long, one short side), sew the last short side halfway from one side and then halfway from the other side, leaving a hole (so you can flip it inside out later)


Rounded Corners
Then do the corners. Sew a straight or curved line across each corner. When you turn this inside out, it will become a curved corner. 
Flip the whole thing inside out and check if it fits right in the cage (and that you like the curved corners you have made). Then use a hidden stitch to close the opening.

Inner border
Pin down the fleece flat and sew an inner stitch around the whole thing. It's up to you how wide you want the rim to be. This keeps the liner from coming open like a balloon and it looks nice. It also makes the edges thicker.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Don't forget to post your finished pictures in the Flickr group here.  I'd love to see what you make!

Don't want to make your own?  Email me at bluepandemonium (at) and maybe I can make one for you!  I also have some fleece pouches listed in my Etsy shop.

Happy Sewing!


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Unknown said...

I like your blog and all about your hedgehog. How's about cleaning the cage? I'd like to have this pet too and I'm not sure about bottom... said...

Cleaning is cage is easy. I just put all the fleece liners into a laundry bag until I have a full load collected. The linens get washed in the laundry machine with unscented detergent.

The cage, wheel, and litter pan gets washed down with soap and water and then rinsed. New, clean linens get put into the cage, the litter pan is filled with fresh newspaper pellets, and Poggles usually gets a bath (if I have enough time for all that).

Go to Hedgehog Central for more information on hedgehog care.

Good luck!