Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Making a Career from doing what you Love

I started reading "Success Built to Last , Creating a Life that Matters" by Jerry Porras et al lately and realized that users could benefit from some of the ideas in this book. On interviewing and analyzing many individuals who have experienced self-defined, world-changing success, Porras et al found some common themes. They discovered that how successful you feel at the end of your journey doesn't depend on how rich or powerful you are, it depends on whether you did something that you found meaningful in life. Porras et al encourages the reader to identify what is truly meaningful to the reader, and then to follow their passions with thinking and actions to support that meaning.

I was really encouraged by this. Every day, advertisements and media try to tell us different definitions of what will make us happy. This happens so much that we lose track of what we really care about, what we are really passionate about. Porras et al argue that when you find what you really care about, you will know because you will become obsessed about. And because you're obsessed about it, you lose track of time and you will work harder than anyone else to follow that passion. Perhaps you're in school, and you don't know what to do for your career. The key is find out what you really love and to make that into your career - not because it will make you rich or famous, but because following passions give you drive and committment that you won't find by following a career that you don't love or care about.

I hope that every student out there will realize the vast potential that they have when they find meaning in their life and can take actions to create more meaning. We are all capable of doing more when we do something that we are passionate about.

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