Saturday, May 12, 2007

Coming Soon! New and improved features!

Dear Tutors and Students:

I'm excited to announce that will soon be updated to include NEW FEATURES which, I hope, all the users will benefit from.

Edit your own ads!
You'll soon be able to post ads automatically, and sign in to edit your ads. Every time you edit your ad, the posting date will be updated. So, in essence, you will now be able to renew your ads.

Improved Browsing!
Browsing ads will also become easier. Only ad titles will show when you are browsing so that it's easier to search for something. When you find an ad title of interest, just click on the title and the ad contents will open up.

Improved privacy and an easier way to contact you!
In order to protect you from "spammers" that collect emails, your email address can now be hidden. When a student or tutor is ready to contact you, they can send you a message directly from our website. You can also opt to have your email shown with a live link.

Help us grow!
What do all these improvements cost you? Nothing. will still offer free posting space and we're happy to provide you with a service to help you find tutors or to help your tutoring business succeed.

In addition to free ads, we will also be offering an annual membership option. This membership option is a cooperative advertising campaign. The funds that you invest in us will be put towards helping us become one of the most heavily advertised tutoring websites around, and thus help all of us to grow together. Advertising costs can be overwhelming for one small tutoring company, but if we all pool our funds together, we can direct everyone to where your advertisement will be waiting. will be your #1 website for finding all the tutors and students that you are looking for. I am very excited about this upcoming opportunity, and I hope that many tutoring businesses can work together to make this rewarding for everyone involved.

So tell all your friends about We want our site to keep growing so that more people know about it and it becomes a better place for you to find tutors and students.

Thanks for using!


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