Monday, August 20, 2007

I love composting!

I am happy to announce that my first "batch" of compost has finished decomposing and was added to my garden this weekend. The coffee grounds from Starbucks did wonders for getting rid of the fruit flies (it really worked!) and speeding up the composting process. The coffee grounds also neutralized the smell. Every composter should go to their local coffee shop to pick up a bag of coffee grounds!

I've also been trying to find a better way to collect food items to add to the compost. So far, the best method has been using a large yogurt container with a lid. You keep it in the kitchen and just add all the peelings and such to the container while preparing meals. The fact that you can seal the container after adding contents means no smells or yuckiness. Then, at the end of the day, you just take the container to the garden and empty it into the compost. Remember to add a shovel-full of dirt on top to cover up the new additions. Every once in a while, use a long stick or shovel to give the compost a good stir. It will help add air so that the compost works faster.

Composting is a lot of fun and it reduces the amount of garbage that we produce by a lot. I hope every gardener and environmentally aware person starts one.


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