Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We make a lot of garbage

After only 2 days of making collecting scraps from the kitchen easier, my giant bucket of compost is almost full to the top again. I'm going to need a second bucket! This has brought to my attention just how much garbage a family can produce each day. If everyone started a compost, the landfills would be a lot smaller. If you add recycling to that, the garbage strike in Vancouver would hardly affect anyone.

I went on a Treetops Tour in Whistler, Vancouver about a year ago and the tour guide talked about how Whistler residents compost, recycle and reuse in order to heavily reduce the amount of garbage they produce. There's no such thing as easy garbage disposal up there, so the residents take extra care to reduce how much garbage they need to transport to the landfills. You can call it lazy, but being a little bit lazy is helping keep Whistler environmentally friendly. Perhaps if the garbage strike keeps up, more people will start to compost and recycle to keep their level of garbage down too. That would be a very good side-effect to the unsightly garbage strike. Have you seen the alleyways in Vancouver recently?

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