Monday, November 19, 2007

Cool Sites!

Unrelated to tutoring, I have come across some truly fabulous websites lately and have been completely enraptured by them. I must share!

The first site belongs to an artist friend of mine. She has been drawing online comics for a while now, but I had not gone to see her drawings until lately. I must say, I was blown away. She is really quite good! This is her website: She has asked me to caution readers since some of the content contains nudity and violence. I personally am a new fan of her comic. She adds to the current story, Tatters, every Tuesday.

The second site belongs to a very talented lady. She draws lovely images and sews the most amazing soft toys. I love them and am waiting eagerly for hedgehog stuffies to reappear. I wish I had found this site earlier when she had some of her fantastic soft hedgies available! Her site is I also really like her "look". There's something lovely and quaint about it...

The third site belongs to a domestic goddess who also sews many lovely soft toys. But what's really neat about her is that she posts a lot about her children and family. There's something very sweet about the posts, and I think many readers will like to hear about what's going on in her life. Her site is She's going to take a break from writing for a bit, but she has some really wonderful stuff in her archives.

Oh, and if you love soft toys as much as I have just begun to, you must visit the bonanza of all photo sites with soft toys: The Softie Awards on Flickr. I need to find myself some of these fabulous creations!!!

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

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