Monday, December 10, 2007

Arrgh! Braces!

I went in to get my braces readjusted and tightened today and ended up with a frightening bright red contraption in my mouth. It was supposed to hold my mouth open and keep my cheeks away while the orthodontists glued on 4 new brackets on my back four molar teeth. Boy, was it a circus! To christen the completion of my 1 hour torture marathon, they cleaned my teeth with some super bitter wash. Arrgh! Apparently new equipment means nasty bitter taste because there is some anti-bacterial stuff added in. They kindly emptied the remainder of the bitter stuff in the sink for me after they discovered how nasty it could taste and the remainder of the procedure wasn't so bad.

To make up for my sufferings, I opted for festive lime green elastics on the top teeth and fiery red elastics on the bottom teeth. Hurray! I am quite pleased with them. However, my teeth are quite sore now because they are moving again from some new bracket placements. I am eating a piece of garlic bread by putting little pieces in my mouth and slowly dissolving them. I suppose you can say that I am savouring every little piece by no choice of my own :P

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