Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Fun Day Today

I had a lovely day today filled with holiday-themed activities. I went to the Four Seasons Hotel Festival of Trees display, the Stanley Park Bright Nights Christmas Train, watched "Santa vs the Snowman" at Canada Place 3D IMAX (which is actually really entertaining), and I shopped for and found the perfect scarf for my sweetheart. I hate to be so materialistic, but it's great when you find something that you really like (especially when it's something for someone who's really picky!) A note for those who plan to go to the Bright Nights event at Stanley Park: DRESS WARMLY. We had to wait an hour and a half for our train and we were thoroughly frozen by the time we left. My feet were so cold that they varied between numb and painful to walk on. The lights displays were very cheerful tho, and the organic popcorn is really yummy.

On returning home, I was disappointed to discover that my first illustration will need some major overhauling, but it is good that I am learning more about what the writer wants. I am planning to send her my sketches instead of finished drawings for the remainder of the images. It is far too much work to redo if layout changes need to be made.

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