Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's that Bug?

Have you ever seen (or squashed) a bug and wondered what it was? Now you can find out! I came across an interesting site today called, "What's that Bug?" Readers can take photos of cool insects from their trips and other discovery points and mail it in to get to the bottom of their curiosity.

There is also a page under "Carnage" that contains photos of poor, deceased bugs who met unfortunate ends. The website identifies the squashed bugs and tells you why it was unnecessary slaughter. It seems morbid, but you do learn a lot. The good thing is that the site's writers have a sense of humour about many of the posts.

Oh, if you ever see this insect around, don't kill it. It's a potato bug or Jerusalem cricket. It seems to be a winner in the unnecessary slaughter category. People go to all lengths- like dropping bricks from a height- to eliminate this poor insect. These scary looking bugs live underground and are harmless. They can bite if you handle them, but are not aggressive or poisonous.

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