Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Surprise Eggs Craft Tutorial

I know, I know, Easter is still far away, but here's a quick and easy little project I've started on in preparation. I felt quite guilty for not doing anything for my friends for Valentine's day so I'm making up for it by starting early on something for Easter.

1. Plastic close-able eggs
2. Chocolate eggs
3. Colourful plastic raffia
4. Colourful cardstock
5. Fancy edging scissors

1. Use the fancy edging scissors to cut strips of paper about 1 cm wide and 2 inches long. Write "Happy Easter" on each piece.
2. Pull out some plastic raffia and roll it in the palm of both your hands to form a small ball.
3. Open a plastic egg and put the balled up raffia into the deeper side of the plastic egg.
4. Add 2 chocolate eggs and one strip of "Happy Easter" message.
5. Close the plastic egg and you are done!
6. Repeat this process with as many eggs as you need.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun tutorial! I love making little things like this! :) I remember that my 5th grade teacher told us that it was tradition in her family that her grandfather always hid a 100 dollar bill in one of the eggs! The kids could always trade but they all had to open them up at the same time! Isn't that just wild?!

Thanks for such a fun post! I'm excited for easter! Ah Spring and new life!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Theres always something happening over here...I like to pop in and see whats up! :)I've got 2 little sweeties who would love to do this fun little project with me. ♥

Mytutorlist.com said...

Aww, I'm glad you two like the tutorial. I'll be sure to share more of my craft ideas in the future.

It must be so lucky to get the egg with the 100 dollar bill! That would be the best surprise egg ever!