Saturday, March 29, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

It was a more "normal" Spring day today with some crisp breezes and light sunshine. I went for a morning stroll with my mum and purchased some flowers along the way. A boy was fundraising for a school project by the elementary school and it seemed only fitting to help his cause and to bring home some cheerful beginnings to our garden.

We got a few Ranunculus and some tomato plants. The boy found a tomato plant with a bent stem and told me that, while it looked dead, it was not. He straightened the tomato stalk whereupon it promptly drooped to the other side. By the time he was through with trying to prove to me that it was still alive, we were both sure it was quite dead. I said, "Maybe you shouldn't touch it anymore." And he said, "Yeah..." He hid the very dead tomato plant among its lively cousins and we pretended this had never happened.

It was fun to walk home with our tray full of plants, and I had much joy sweeping the balcony clean to make a nice home for the flowers. I was delighted to discover that some of last year's plants are growing back. I also took a pic of the tiny oranges growing on our indoor orange plant.

This is what happens when I mess around with the Photoshop colour balance. I get strange orange and purple daffodils. These were at Rocky Point (not quite like this tho...)


katarinasmama said...

Love the plants!!! Love the way you photographed them!

Queens Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog. Beautiful flowers there! Happy Sunday! said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Guess what? After I arranged them nicely on the balconey, it hailed that evening! I had to move them all to safety.