Friday, April 18, 2008

I illustrated a book!

I was so excited to receive a package in the mail today!

A while back, I drew some simple line drawings for a book called Conversational Southern that Anne Calloway was planning to publish. She promised to send me a copy when they were ready. Today, a copy finally arrived! Yay!

Sadly, I am never once mentioned as the illustrator. Instead, a Meghan Gale got credit for the cover design. Tsk-tsk! This is after I had to insist on colouring the title image myself because I was so displeased with the colouring the layout artist did. Ah well!

Nevertheless, I am really, really happy that the book was finally published and that I got to play a part in its making. Below are some of the illustrations, and her thank you note :)


Sweetwater Designs said...

oh..thats fantastic ♥ they look like sweet perfect imaginings for a childs book. It would've been perfection had you been credited for your work, but a big Congratulations to you Marie!


Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! That is amazing!! I hope to do that someday! What a fabulous goal to have reached! Congrats! said...

Aww, thanks Deb and Blaze! You really make my day!

Carla said...

Wow, congratulations! This is really great Marie! (Also, thanks for asking how I'm feeling...I'll be back to work Monday.) Take care.