Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lovely Day

I knew The Black Apple had a store update today at 2pm Eastern so I waited eagerly for it, watching the clock like a bird watching a worm. However, I never did see the store update. I refreshed and saw a new print up, but no new dolls, no new original paintings... I wondered if I had the wrong time, but I kept patiently waiting and refreshing. By 3pm Eastern, I knew I had missed it. Sure enough, when I checked her blog, I discovered 30 new comments. Upon reading them, I realized that everything had sold out in less than 2 minutes. Amazing! So I guess the new print I saw was part of the update afterall, but because everyone had snapped up the other new goodies instantaneously, I never saw them on the "for sale" page. It seems that her store updates sell out faster and faster these days. I think the last one was 20 minutes. Two minutes is definitely a new record.

Congrats to Emily Martin on another spectacular store update! I'm sure many an Etsy seller would love to be in her shoes.

I'm still tossing the idea of starting an Etsy store in my head. I know that I'll eventually do it, but I'm taking my sweet time about it and doing lots of research. In the meantime, I keep making new things and I keep watching the wonderful things that Etsy artists and other artists create. You are all my inspiration!

It's a lovely, sunny day out today. I'm in a particularly good mood. So many good things have happened. My brother graduated from his technical institute, two of my friends announced that they will be expecting their first child later this year, wedding invitations are arriving in the mail, my friend got an acceptance letter to a highly covetted program... everything is falling into place just perfectly. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


blazedanielle said...

Emily Martin is such an inspiration to me! She is so successful it's so impressive! Good luck researching and starting your own! If you ever have questions, I'd be happy to share what I've learned! :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

Yes! I say go for it...its a fun venture and even if sales are not as fast and furious as some (lucky them!), its a great online presence.

Chickenbells said...

Yeah, I have a couple of things from Emily from waaaay back...and I have a friend that owns an original painting and one that owns TONS of her stuff...It's sad though that you can't get on there fast enough to get anything...I would love to have one of those dolls...oh well, I guess we'll have to make our own right?

blazedanielle said...

There is a lot of fun going on my blog this weekend! You should stop by for some fun! :)