Friday, May 2, 2008

Seed Swap!

A long time ago, I used to seed swap. It was really fun because I got to plant lots of strange and nice plants from all over the world. I thought it would be really fun to do some seed swapping again. Anyone up for it?

This is what I have:
Marigold (lots! These are from my flowers from last year. Mixed varieties.)
Pansy (limited, from seed packet)
Lobelia (limited, from seed packet)
Pumpkin (lots! I saved them from my jack-o-lantern, but I'm not sure if they'll grow yet.)

If anyone has some seeds to trade, please post what you have available, what varieties you're looking for, plus your email. Whoever posts can feel free to trade amongst yourselves and to trade with me (until I run out of seeds). I figure these seeds are only good for one year or so, so I might as well share what I have before they lose their "growing power".

Happy Seed Swapping!


Joanne Shin said...

I want to seed swap.

This is what I have
Onion seed
daisy seed
lavender seed if I collect some.

So let me know what you want
I want pansy, marigold of course, and anything else you can share. said...

Hi Jo! Okay, I have started some marigold plants and pansies for you already, but I'm going to package up some seeds for you as well. I can give you seeds next time that I see you, just remind me to bring them!

I'll try some onion, daisy, and lavender seeds for fun. I took over the communal garden so I have a lot of room to grow stuff in now!!!