Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tired, but happy

I'm so tired today. There was plenty to get done at work, I had more research to do for setting up my Etsy shop, and I removed all the dandelions from my lawn. There's a dandelion graveyard all around the perimeter of my shared lawn area. It's quite hideous, to be truthful, but the dandelion-free areas look very nice. :P

I was also cheered by something else on my way home - pigeon eggs (how did you know?). The destroyed nest is now inhabited by a new tenant. This time, it's a doting mother with not one but TWO eggs! The odd thing is that she doesn't sit on the eggs together. She walks back and forth between them, taking turns sitting on first one, and then the other. It's very cute.

I'm not sure how long these eggs will last for considering the fate of the previous tenants, but I'm still cheered by the fact that there are new eggs to look at (and that the pigeons aren't giving up).


Chickenbells said...

Pigeons are weird...I don't see how a few pieces of fluff are considered a nest, but I still wish her the best of luck!

Mytutorlist.com said...

I know, but considering what happened to the previous nest, I'm more worried about who will come along to destroy the eggs. Trying to start a family is so much more tragic for pigeons!