Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vivid Dreams

Do you dream?

Do you dream vivid dreams that seem so real that you're still caught up in them when you wake up?

Last night I dreamed that we had a little flowerpot hanging on the outside of our balcony rail. Two baby birds were in it, and wait though I might, no mother bird appeared to take care of them. The two baby birds cried piteously for their mother and for food, but no one came. Finally, as one baby moved around looking for mum, he toppled out of the flower pot to his dismal end.

Worried that the remaining baby would find a similar fate, I took him inside the house. My mother fed him, he looked good and content, and I decided to do some tidying up in the container that I had put him in. As all dreams go, things don't necessarily make sense, but somehow in moving things around, I lost track of where he was and accidently squished him with a heavy binder. The remainder of the dream involved me weeping over my tragic mistake. Oh, and watching fantastic beasts (like Griffins!) fighting outside in my garden. I went to grab my camera to take some photos, but my brother had removed the batteries to power some other device of his. The fantastic beasts took their fight elsewhere, and I woke with a terrible sense of loss and regret.


Anonymous said...

What a sad dream! So many details too! I dream very vividly too, which is fun sometimes, but waking up with that feeling is always a weird start to my mornings! And Griffins! That is so crazy! said...

I'm glad to find that there is someone else who dreams vividly too! I do find it a weird start to my mornings, especially if the events are somewhat relevant to whatever is happening that day, or if I'll be seeing some of the people involved in my dream. Then it seems like real life is just an extension to my dream, and I have to try and shake it off. Yeah, it's a weird feeling.