Monday, June 16, 2008

Au Travail

After a much needed vacation, and some time catching up on missed work, I'm now back to my original plan - starting up an Etsy shop!

I spent last evening starting listings, uploading photos, and trying to figure out how much shipping costs. I still need some more accurate quotes for shipping, but I have a queue of listings ready for whenever I launch the store update. I am going to tentatively set it for this Friday, but I'll confirm this shortly.

I've noticed that I can "unlist" items by hitting "edit" and then doing nothing. Is this how many Etsy sellers manage their store updates? (You know, setting a date and then posting all their items at a specific date and time?) Does the expiry date start from when you wrote the listing or from when you activate it?

Well, I'm off to full day of regular work, but I know what I'll be working on when I get home tonight!

Have a great day!

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