Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy starting fires

Sorry for my absence lately! I've been busy, busy, busy with preparing for two big weddings coming up this weekend and next weekend.

There have been bachelorette parties and wedding showers, dress fittings, make-up trials, shopping for presents, shoes, and accessories... the list goes on. I have been having SO MUCH FUN!

My favourite day so far has been my best friend's bachelorette party. We went for a luxury pedicure and paraffin wax treatment in the morning and it was soooo relaxing. We sat on a big comfy elevated couch with lots of fluffy pillows and soaked our tired toes in hot soapy water. The estheticians went to work scrubbing our feet and calves with grapefruit exfoiliant scrub, massaging with soothing scented creams, and wrapping them in hot, ultra-relaxing paraffin wax. Wrapped in warm towels, we chat about girly things and giggled over the up-coming wedding. Then the estheticians trimmed our nails, buffed them to a shine, and painted them with our choices of pretty colours. All smooth and prettied up, we shuffed in our slippers and towel robes to the dining area where we enjoyed a scrumptious chicken salad, champagne, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Cheers to the bride-to-be!

After the spa, we headed out to Robson Street for some shopping. My dear bachelorette was dressed to be teased with a large "the bachelorette" sash across her chest and a magic fairy wand. I had also pinned an elaborate tuule and ribbon creation onto her head so that it was hard to miss her irregularity, heheheh... People stopped to stare at her, and other passed by whispering, "bachelorette party". One young girl stopped and asked, "Is it your birthday?" Whereupon, the bachelorette had to answer, "No, it's my bachelorette party" and point to the large sign across her chest.

I had been trying a new brand of lipstick by MAC that is supposed to stay on all day, and we all agreed that it was holding up extremely well through all our meals and drinks that day. We entered the MAC store and one of the sweet ladies there helped us each choose a fitting colour for the wedding. Now with painted lips (and toes), we headed to the theatre for a wedding-themed movie - "Mamma Mia"!

I have to say, Mamma Mia is a great movie for a girl's day out. We laughed so hard! It's incredibly funny and the story is very sweet. Meryl Streep does a wonderful job as the mother of the bride, and Colin Firth has a lovely singing voice. Poor Pierce Brosnan, however, garnered a theatre full of snickering and giggling when he started to sing... and it wasn't a funny part of the movie.

After the movie, we headed to Chambar on Beatty Street for dinner, an almost completely candlelit restaurant. The gentlemen in the table next to us surprised us by buying us our first round of drinks. "This round of drinks is complimentary of the gentlemen over there, " said the waiter, and the guys raised their glasses and cried, "Congratulations!" We were very delighted and raised our glasses in returning saying, "Cheers!" and "Thank you!"

The food (a huge pot of steaming mussels, cherry garnished beef tatataki, and grilled scallops) was delicious and perfect for sharing, and dessert (raspberry sorbet) was tangy and extremely flavourful. Our dessert was followed by present-opening-time and, oops, a fire!

One of the girls noticed that the wrapping paper was dangerously close to the candle on one side of the table and promptly moved it to the other side of the table, forgetting that there was also a candle there. The wrapping paper burst into flames instantly, so she picked up another handful of paper and tried to pat the fire out. Unfortunately, that paper too caught fire and there was suddenly quite a large fire burning on our table top.

The girl beside me jumped to action, grabbed my glass of water and dumped it onto the fire. The guys from the other table ran with their glasses of water and poured that on top. Then the bartender ran over with a large pitcher of water and poured that on top, and the fire was finally put out. Our waiter came over and asked, "Wow, what happened here?" and we collapsed into a fit of laughter and giggling, telling him that we had started a fire. The guys from the other table moved closer after that and joined in for the remainder of our present-opening-time. I guess the fire was good for bonding, lol.


Chickenbells said... least you've been having quite the I think that totally makes up for not blogging!! said...

Lol, thanks Sadie!

carla said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous summer. I'm not sure if you received the email I sent you couple months ago, but I'm taking a bit of a break from my blog. I've also been neglecting to read my favorite blogs :(.

I ordered myself a treat today. Her name is Sylvie and she looks very sassy. Can't wait to introduce her to my friends:)

Take care.