Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy Moms are Scary

If you can believe it, the mummy fish has struck again.

Placed into a separate tank with just a male Molly fish and a large Koi goldfish, she's found herself inconveniently pregnant looking again. And is she happy with this? Oh no, she's not. Poor husband fish is now lying incapacitated in the aquatic weeds, contemplating his significantly shortened life, and mummy fish is very, very angry. She swims around the surface looking for food, and when she feels inclined, she'll swim down to the weeds to give her husband fish a good, hard (not nice) peck. He's still alive; he just doesn't want to move. (His wife must have given him the beating of a lifetime. )

Note to all other visiting male Molly fishes: don't mess with the crazy girl fish!

We're not really sure if she's really pregnant again, but she's a bit more rotund than she previously was. I wonder if it's because she's eating both her food and the food of her soon-to-be-belated husband? Oh dear...

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