Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing Old Sucks

I envy those high school kids lounging on the immaculate lawns at lunch break. I envy their relaxation, their ability to change their minds, their lives laid out before them with the ability to choose new paths, new relationships, and new... everything. Everything is intense. Everything is a matter of imagined life or death. It is exciting.

I'm not so old myself, but already I can imagine a lifetime of aging, wrinkling, and sagging, ugh! It's all downhill from here, so they say. Will I end up on a hospital bed being served tepid water by nurses that no longer care? Will I sit snoring in a lean chair in front of the TV while grandkids giggle behind me? Will I speed along the pavement in an electric wheelchair, bright orange flag waving in the wind? Are those my choices now?

It's no longer about the schools I'll be accepted to, the dates I'll accept or turn down. It's no longer about deciding on the right career path, and passing the next big exam. That's all over now.

I think passing over that bump in the road was quite fun. It was oh-so-hard, and now it's gone and I miss it. Give me a moment to mourn while I get ready for the next hurdles in the short marathon that is life.


Chickenbells said...

Oh yes...I can remember thinking all of that was so stressful. How odd, now that I look back. I was thinking the other day as I was walking around on a Sunday, how bittersweet that day used to feel for me because it was the start of my week...now it just all blurs together.

I meant to thank you so much for your wonderful package that I received in the mail the other day...I am SO excited to incorporate my new acorn into my fall decor...I have these 2 little squirrels that NEED something like that...

Sweetwater Designs said...

Are you forgetting all the angst! (at least for me)that went along with that time as well? :)

Mytutorlist.com said...

Sweetwater: Lol, oh I remember the teen angst far too well. I guess I just miss the intensity of that time period as well.

Chickenbells: Yes, it really was stressful back then, but the fact that I can't go back kind of eats at me too :P

You are so welcome for the little white acorn! I'm so glad that you have gotten it in the mail and that you like it!