Monday, September 22, 2008

Darned Horoscopes!

According to today's horoscope, my day is going to suck:

"You are looking for the promised land of milk and honey. Today your quest might take you through a desert where nothing grows."

Lol... thanks a lot, great unknown universe! Why couldn't it says something more positive!?! Isn't Monday morning bad enough without more doom and gloom!!!!????!! (Hehehe...)


Chickenbells said...

Thats how mine usually are...everyone else is in happy party land, and mine usually say something like...grab the bean dip and sit in a corner by will probably be better that way.

ugh said...

Lol! That's hilarious, chickenbells! Well, the way my horoscopes are going, I'll probably already be in the corner when you get there! :P