Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I walked up to the cafeteria counter today and, as usual, I asked the cafeteria guy what was tasty that day. "Sooo, what's good today?"

I smiled at him and waited to hear what I should choose for the day. He usually knows exactly what is tasty and just begins scooping. Instead, he grinned at me and said, "Me."

"What?" I thought I heard wrong. Maybe he said beef?

"Me." Nope, I had heard right. Oh dear.

I laughed, "No, really. What's good today?" He grudgingly admitted that all the entrees were good today and that I could choose any one of them. I told him to just pick one, so he chose steak for me, quick to promise that he'd pick a nice rare one for me.

I smiled and thanked him, and walked away. A quick glance told me that he'd piled on unusually large amounts of all the side dishes, and upon tasting the steak, I was pleased to discover that he did choose a good one for me.

My co-workers always tease me about the cafeteria guy because they've noticed that I always seem to get more food than they do when we order the same thing. It appears that they were right after all. I told them what had happened and they roared with laughter, plotting to send me to get all of their food for them in the future.

Sigh, unbelievable.


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Mytutorlist.com said...

Lol, I went to the cafeteria yesterday, saw the person in question, got cold-feet and shuffled my way over to the salad bar instead. Hehehe...

My co-workers found that particularly amusing and snickered their way through lunch.