Friday, September 26, 2008

Doorways and Regret

Yearning, longing for the end of the day
lost in the thoughts of the past
Wondering, "What if?" What if I had took
the other, less trodden down path?

Caught in the moment, I was swept along
I took it, the doorway, I didn't look back
but now on this doorstep, I turn and I look
Did I make the right choice?

There's no way of knowing. It's not like a book.
I can't flip ahead, look, and cheat.

Stuck in this moment, this doorway of time,
Indecision always my fate.

--Marie Tai


Chickenbells said...

Oh...I just love this poem. I have been thinking a lot about these kinds of things lately as well, and you just put it right into perspective and beautiful words...thank you. said...

Heh, it's nice to have someone identify with this poem and to respond to it. My friend has been reading my poems and wondering if I'm some sort of crazy, depressive person :P

Mostly, I'm just contemplative right now. Thinking about life and all that :) Ironically, it comes out in poetry and art, lol...

Thanks for commenting!