Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rainy Day Thoughts

I want to bury myself in a big bowl of porridge
I want to crack an egg on your head and watch it drip
I want to step on a slug and watch it go smushy
I want to throw mud on the wall

I want to sit on a rock and think about life
I want to smell the sweet scent of a rose
I want to blow dandelion seeds all over the lawn
and roll on the grass till I'm green

It's rainy, it's wet, and there's no where to go
but inside where all is a bore
I'm wishing for sun and for sun ripened fruits
but even those fruits have torn open

Sad are the rainy days
sad days of life
Sad are the choices we've made
Sad are the rainy days
why can't it be sunny?
why can't the rain go away?

--Marie Tai


Chickenbells said...

Wait though...really? About the slugs?

aesth said...

I love the rain hehe said...

Lol, okay, I'm not likely to squash a slug since that would be too messy. I guess it's just tempting when there are so many of them on the pavement. The likely scenario is that I would attempt to squash one in a particluarly vindictive moment, lose my footing, and wipe out. It would be divine justice.

The slug would probably be fine and just slime away to eat some nearby vegetation.