Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Moment In Time

A moment in time, not frozen, but wet
stands a girl in a dark hooded jacket.
Around her the glorious trees are alight with their colours that signify death.
The rain how it pours, the sky's overcast,
but she stands there alone and unmoving.
The rain how it pours, the poor girl's all wet,
her jacket soaked clings to her skin.

Drip, go the leaves and they rustle in the wind.
Torn off, they swirl pirouettes in the sky.
Slowly, so gently, they fall to the ground
And spin in the puddles of water.

Bright leaves on dark puddles
Dark jacket amongst red,
and yellow, and orange, and green

She stands in the forest, asphalt road running past her
She stands, and she doesn't make a sound.
The rain drums fast sound beats, the leaves drip with water
Raindrop beat their fists 'gainst her head.

The girl is the darkness, surrounded by light
for dark is her moment in life.

--Marie Tai

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