Saturday, January 24, 2009

Putting Down Roots ACEO Series

I finally finished my "Putting Down Roots" ACEO series. I'm still not happy with them completely, but I don't really want to change them either. There's something about painting something for the first time that I don't really want to tamper with. In the future, I might print out the line work and try it again, but for now they have something nice about them that I want to preserve.

If I had to paint them again, I would try painting them in more realistic colours, like multi-colours. I kind of like how they are each differently coloured though. What do you think?

Putting Down Roots is a series I dreamed up in response to the ideas of family, building a nest, finding a mate, starting a family, and waiting for the one. In No. 1, the little warm-hearted birdies are looking for a spot to roost. They are a like family, watching each other, curious and nosey, checking to see if they have the best spot. Then comes No. 2. It's like the teenager stage where you are mostly alone, very unique, and simply building a comfy nest for yourself. In No. 3, the little birds have found a mate and they are making babies! This is a golden, warm coloured time of life. You have love, and you have motherhood. In No. 4, there is a bird all by itself. The colour is purple and you sense loneliness. This tree represents being alone. It could be single life, children being grown up, loss of spouse, or just mental hermitage.

This series is now in the shop. Hope to see you there! I think I will make prints of this series so that they can be purchased in a set by collectors. It's nice to have them together, n'est ce pas?

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LoveCreations24 said...

These pictures are sooo great - I absolutely love them!