Sunday, January 25, 2009

Working on Stickers

I've been trying to make some new sticker sets for my shop (and for me!). I have the cutest designs and I printed out a test sheet last night. Unfortunately, my printer only prints in black and white, so I'll have to go to a print shop before I can really tell how they will look in colour. Still, they don't look half bad right now.

What I was interested in particular was some cutie pie stickers for when I mail my items. I already decorate the bubble cushioned envelope in doodles galore, but I wanted something colourful too.

I finally came across a drawing of a puppy dog holding a red sealed envelope in my collection of past artworks, and I found that I could just perfectly type, for you from blue pandemonium onto the envelope. It was so perfect!

In that same collection of drawings, I found my old Sad Sheep, Pastry Pig, and some sweet elephants linking their trunks. I thought these would make cute stickers too.

Here's a pic of the sticker sheet in black and white.

I also did a layout for some prints of my Unloved Monster bookmark. He was such a cute design and I had always liked him. I thought I'd like to keep one for myself, and that maybe someone else would want him too since he's currently sold out.

I realized that I had also never printed out one pumpkin bookmark that I had digitally painted. I added the blue pandemonium name onto the bottom. For now, I'm not sure what I plan for it, but it might become part of a giveaway or a complimentary gift with purchase. I'm really loving the stained glass feel of it and I want to print it out just to look at it in real life!

That's the thing with digital paintings. Until you print it out, they're not really real. They're locked up inside of your computer. Trapped forever, in a way, in a digital world.

I can't wait to bring these sticker designs and bookmark designs to the printers. I'm rather excited to see them come to life!

I hope you're having a good weekend!


blazedanielle said...

Ooh! Sticker time! :) I totally had a book for collecting stickers when I was young! said...

Me too! I love stickers. I still have my book and it's fun to flip through it once in a while. Some of the stickers in there are classic!

Totally Timmy said...

Love the puppy!