Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Does A Mother Say?

You called me to your side that night
What did you want to say?
I didn't hear you calling
Though I dreamed you said goodbye.

Did you want to say you loved me?
Did you want to say, "Take care!"

What does a mother say to her child
Before she goes away?
What does she say?

What does a mother say to her child
the night before she's gone?
Does she tell him all her worries about his life
About not being able to watch him grow?
Does she ask about his loved one
And about his plans for life?
Does she say she's sorry for leaving
That she didn't want to go?
Or does she just want to see his face?
To see her baby now a man.
To know that he's okay; she did good.
What does a mother say?

What do you tell your child
When you can't live forever?
When God calls your name
And you can't say no.
What do you say?

How do you tell them you love them
And you'll always be there?
Maybe not in person
But always there in heart.
How do you say it when you're already gone
And they're standing by your grave?
You watch them place the flowers.
You watch them shed their tears.

What does a mother say to her child
When life is over and death is come?
What does she say? (Goodbye, goodbye.)

What does a mother say?

--Marie Tai


blazedanielle said...

This is so touching. Did you write it?

PamperingBeki said...

*sniff sniff* said...

Yes, I did write this poem.

My friend's mother passed away this weekend and she called her son to her side one night. He was sleeping though, so only his older sister heard the mother calling for him. He dreamed that night that someone said goodbye to him. She passed away the next day.

Totally Timmy said...

wow..what a lovely mother passed away a few years ago. It is so hard