Wednesday, February 11, 2009


No stress, don't cry
The day will be over soon

Hush and hushaby
Close your eyes
Tonight you'll have sweet dreams

Don't think about your worries
Everything shall pass
Tomorrow will be sunny
You'll have blue skies

Your dreams will come true
You'll find true love

Dry your tears and look forward
No need to be afraid

No monsters in the closet
No skeletons either

A pretty dress, perhaps
And shiny, new shoes
Roses and lace
Cakes and pies

Don't cry, dry your tears
It's okay to smile
Today can be whatever it wants
Tomorrow is yours.

--Marie Tai


Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem...I found it very right now, I'm grieving over a friends recent passing...and I find this to help with the healing...and you're right Tomorrow is what I want it be!!

Thank you for sharing such lovely, encouraging words...I hope many read this!!! said...

Awww, thanks pixe1. It makes me happy to know that this can be encouraging for you.

I always hope that my poems will have meaning for others. They certainly hold meaning for me.

LeelaBijou said...

So beautiful words. Thanks for sharing them.