Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fried Brain For Supper

Shall we have fried brain for supper?
Will it be my brain or yours?

Whose brain has been taxed more?
(I've been working on my taxes.)
Whose brain is the crispiest cooked?

Didn't you have your midterms,
write papers galore? And
didn't I edit them all?

Didn't I work overtime,
and pull out my hair
trying to troubleshoot crap?

Oh, yes! We've both burned out.
Our limits are maxed.
Tomorrow is our breaking day.

So let's break bread and
pull out our brains, fully mashed.
And hash out our troubles
times three.

You look at my brain,
And I'll look at yours.
Together we'll pick brains for supper.

--Marie Tai


Cherry Lane Jane said...

Since my brain is mashed and fried this week I totally get this poem...great job! said...

Yes! A fellow fried-brain friend! I'm glad to hear that you get this poem, although I feel badly for you if you do since I know how you feel :P

(Hang in there! We'll make it!)