Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Food Equals Good Mood

I had a whole lotta fish, veggies, fruit, and nuts today and I actually DO feel better! I guess it really does make a difference when you purposely choose the right kinds of foods to eat.

I had cereal and milk for breakfast (normal), grapes and cheese for a snack (yummy), salad bar plus fruits and some tuna for lunch (very healthy, I made sure to add fish to it), a cookie (okay, that's not healthy, but it looked really tasty... and it was!), and my dad coincidentally made a really healthy dinner.

He cooked some fresh salmon (mmm!), some chicken drumsticks with a mountain of cilantro on top (he LOVES cilantro and somewhy the drumsticks ended up with a sort of roasted ham flavour... I dunno how he flavoured it, but I like it!) and there was thinly sliced Chinese BBQ pork on top of some other mystery leafy vegetable (which tasted really good). I found some cold sweet green grapes and had those for dessert.

After dinner, I headed downstairs for some blog reading. A little into reading, I noticed that I was feeling rather light and happy. This is somewhat unusual since I've been a bit flustered and moody as of late. I was so enthused by this change in mood, that I called my sweetie to announce that, "I'm happy!"

I remember that it did say that eighty-percent of the participants that changed their diet to include the happy foods did feel better, so I guess I'm part of that eighty-percent figure. I'm going to eat healthy again tomorrow and see if this keeps up.

Here's to another day of happy mood foods!



Totally Timmy said...

Oh I notice a difference when I eat carefully. Now when I eat anything greasy it sits in my gut like a stone! I use to love fish and chips..oh well!

Anonymous said...

I notice a difference too! Glad you're feeling happy and better.