Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hamster Mania

I used to have a wonderful hamster named Hamuel. I found him in the craft supply shop I was working in (he had escaped from the pet store next door), and adopted him immediately. He was a perfect sort of hamster that was very friendly, very playful, and very clean. In fact, he only peed in a pickle jar so I only had to clean the jar daily. No mess, no fuss. It was wonderful.

One night he escaped (he was a master escape artist). I was sleeping and started vaguely thinking that there were whiskers touching my toes. "Whiskers?" I suddenly thought, and woke up. I pulled back the blankets and, sure enough, there was Hamuel. He had come to find me! His cage is outside my room and I guess he had tracked me down and clambered up my blankets from where they had slid to the floor. Maybe he wanted to play or he wanted me to feed him. Either way, it's very cute that he came to find me when he could have gone anywhere else in the house.

Hamuel didn't live very long. We're not really sure how long he had been wandering the back hallways before he had come into my craft store under the door crack, so he probably went without water for a long time and ate some unsuitable things. But during his time in my house, he was the perfect companion.

I miss him very much and I hope he has lots of yummy foods in Hamster Heaven. Here are some cute hamster pics from around the Web. I was in a hamster sort of mood today :)

This seated hamster looks very devout and holy, huh?

This little guy looks strong! Hamuel liked to monkey bars around the cage too.
Wow, this owner went to extreme measures to protect their little guy from head damage! Or, perhaps he plays mini league football?
I guess he likes tomatos. I know I do!
There's a recession so Santa's eight tiny reindeer just got tinier.
It's okay, little hamster, I forgive you.
Look at that rambunctious little fellow! I'd save him from the tree and take him home.

Awww, who doesn't love to eat a giant ear of corn while sleeping?
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my what a bunch of great photos!! Haha! Hamuel sounds like he was a wonderful hamster. :) I can't believe he found you in bed! How crazy is that?!

Mich said...

I loved this post! Growing up, I've always had hamsters...just loved them!! Thank you!!

BorneoDiva said...

soo cute :) i remember my experience with my 4 hamsters when i am in college,they are eat a lot...but they do entertain right?

SimplyEverything said...

How cute are those photos??? Hamsters sure are cute! What a great post...

RitaSmeeta said...

awww, that's so sweet!

Little Hamuel in Hamster Heaven :) God bless the little feller!