Saturday, May 30, 2009

Impatien Propagation - Three Weeks Later

I'm really loving this flower propagation thing. I have so many more plants now than I began with! I can't wait until they start blooming. It's going to be beautiful!The little impatien cuttings are growing really nicely. I decided to check up on how all the stem cuttings that had no roots last week are doing, and I was pleasantly surprised.
They've branched out lots of little roots and they look like little impatien trees! It's pretty cute.
The roots kind of remind me of noodles...
Out of the 20+ stem cuttings that I have made, only 3 don't have roots. That's a pretty good success rate. Two of them were kind of moldy or something, so I guess I might have over watered those ones or tucked them too close to each other.

Another thing that I noticed with the impatiens is that the roots grow out from all over the cutting base- not just from the leaf node. Perhaps it is not necessary to ensure a leaf node at the bottom cut for impatiens?
I moved all the rooted impatien cuttings into a big pot with 3 of the dahlia cuttings and some of the marigolds I started from seed left over from last year. I think it will look quite lovely when they start blooming, and it's satisfying to know that all of these flowers were "made from scratch" in a sense.

I added more marigolds after I took this picture. I have so many that there's really no need to be frugal. I think I might actually have too many marigolds. I didn't expect the saved seeds to grow so well.

Impatien Propagation - Week Two

Happy Gardening!

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Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I agree; it is so gratifying to grow things from scratch! Your house is going to look so pretty in a couple of weeks when all your new little plants start blooming!

Anonymous said...

I'm in South Florida and all I do to extend my impatiens is clip a stem and drop it where I want it. I water it and bazaam, like magic I get a beautiful impatien flower within a couple weeks. No fuss to propagate. Pinch what you want and drop where you want it and water and watch it grow! said...

I know! Impatiens are great, huh? I can't believe how easy they are to propagate. I always feel sad when I see people buy ONE Impatien plant and their whole planter just has one. I feel like knocking on their door to explain to them how they can just snip off a few branches, stick them in the soil, and fill up the rest of the planter.