Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dahlia Propagation - Three Weeks Later

Another week has gone by! My how time flies! It's time to see how the dahila stem cuttings are progressing.I gently tipped the dahlia cuttings out of their pot. Unlike last week, the cuttings did not separate from the soil easily. Do you know why?
Because they had grown roots! And the roots were actually clinging to clumps of soil! Despite gentle rinsing in the water, some clumps of dirt just wouldn't separate from the roots. That was okay with me; it's a good sign that the roots are growing well and doing their job.
Check out this Dahlia! Not only does it have a flower bud that will likely bloom in the near future, it also has an amazing root system!
It's a whole bushel of roots! What a difference one week makes, huh? And this was just a bunch of tiny root buds last week!

So far, I have found the most success in propagating dahlia cuttings and impatien cuttings. I have had a 100% success rate with these dahlia cuttings, and the impatiens are doing similarly well. It's fantastic!
The dahlias that I transplanted last week are doing really well. Their leaves look alive and fresh, and they hold their shape, so I know that water transfer from the roots to the leaves is going smoothly.I turned the pot sideways, and I noticed that the roots are growing so well that they're actually growing out of the bottom of the pot!

I hope you're having fun with your gardening too! If you have a dahlia in your garden this year, don't forget to try this fun project of propagating them!

Happy Gardening!

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Len McAdams said...

Greetings, I an propagating from tubers and wondering how deep to plant out the mothers when it is time in a few weeks.